April 17, 2019

ALC Launches #FreeEddie Petition

In partnership with Andrea and Sean Gallagher — the wife and brother of U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher — as well as the Navy SEALs Fund, we’ve launched the #FreeEddie petition to fight for a decorated hero who has dedicated his life to fighting for us.

Chief Gallagher served for 20 years. He was awarded 2 Bronze Stars with “V” for Valor, 1 Navy Achievement Medal with “V” for Valor, and was nominated for the Silver Star over the course of his 8 overseas combat deployments. Then, on September 11, 2018, he was arrested and charged with numerous war crimes, including allegedly murdering a wounded ISIS terrorist. The same ISIS terrorists who burn people alive in cages on TV.

He was then detained with convicted sex offenders for nearly 8 months and repeatedly denied medical care, with limited access to his family and attorneys. After action from over 40 members of Congress and President Trump, he was then moved to what was supposed to be a less restrictive confinement.

Even after this executive action however, Chief Gallagher’s ability to adequately prepare for his trial on May 28 has still been interfered with.

For a much more comprehensive detailing of Eddie’s story and case, you can visit JusticeForEddie.com or read this piece from American Military News.

In terms of American Legacy Center, the reason for our involvement is fairly straightforward — we believe that America’s warfighters are the protectors of what keeps America great, free and unique. Our most sacred institutional principles, from religious liberty to freedom of speech, would be but words on a page without the sacrifice of generations of men and women willing to fight and die for them. They deserve our respect, gratitude, and fair treatment.

Because of the fearlessness of Andrea and Sean Gallagher, Eddie’s story became a national story. The American people took notice and put pressure on our elected officials to act. If we can continue to share the truth about Eddie’s reputation and story, recruit more supporters who will stand in his corner, and help to offset his gargantuan legal costs, we believe he will receive a fair trial, be found innocent, and finally get to return home to his family. That is the purpose of our #FreeEddie petition, and we hope you’ll sign on.

We train our men and women in uniform to kill those who have done or wish to do harm to our country. We must stand behind them and give them the tools to be successful. And in tough, potentially controversial situations that civilians may not understand, they deserve the presumption of innocence and the benefit of the doubt.